Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna-Treasures

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Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna !

Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna-Treasures.

We offer you the Zoomorphic applications from Chalcolithic necropolis town of Varna in a small size made of copper, nickel and gilded.

The product is available in a luxury box accompanied by a certificate!

In 1974 while digging a trench in the region of the Varna Lake, 4 kilometers to the west of the town centre, some golden and silver items with a strange shape and decorations came to the surface. The experts were sure that the finds represent burial objects, gifts to those, buried in the chalcolithic necropolis dating back to the 5th millennium about 4200-4000 BC. These findings became famous all over the world with the name Varna Necropolis Treasure, and the civilization to whom it belonged – Varna Culture. 7500 sq. m. are examined so far – 294 tombs and over 3000 beautiful and exquisite gold items, weighing about 6,5 kg