Amphora of the Panagyurishte Treasure

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Amphora of the Panagyurishte Treasure !

We offer you the Amphora of the Panagyurishte Treasure in a small size made of copper, nickel and gilded.

The product is available in a luxury box accompanied by a certificate!

The Panagyurishte Golden Treasure is a rare archaeological monument from the Hellenistic Age and one of the symbols of the Panagyurishte region.

It was found near the Mramor hillock in 1949 during agricultural work. It consists of nine richly adorned vessels - an amphora, seven rhytons and a phial. It weighs 6.164 kg. The largest vessel is the amphora, which has a centaur-shaped handle. Three of the seven rhytons are shaped as animals' heads, one is the front part of a goat, three have women's (Amazon) heads. The set most probably served for the drinking of wine in a religious, celebratory or domestic atmosphere. There is also an opinion that its purpose was the ritual purification of a liquid, which could be wine. It is supposed that another two rhytons with the front part of animals, an amphora and one or two phials are missing, with a view of the sacral importance of the number three in the Thracian religion.

Amphora-rhyton with centaurs-formed handles. Three compositional scenes are depicted on the vessel. The central scene represents five warriors in a battle. The second scene depicts two warriors in the fortune-telling ritual of predicting the future on a liver. The third one, in the lower part of the amphorae, represents the figures of Silenus and the little Heracles in his cradle killing two snakes.